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There are many insurance providers in India who offeres attractive price and features. But only a few of them are offers top class insurance cover for your bikes. And in this article I’m going to share Top 3 Two Wheeler Insurance Companies in India.

1. HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Company

You are sure to receive some of the handiest incentives when you buy your bike insurance plan from an HDFC Ergo General Insurance firm, as the business is one of the most popular motor insurance providers in India.

Main Features: there are a number of commendable qualities in the HDFC Ergo two-wheel vehicle insurance scheme. The two-wheel insurance plan is very convenient, from the most comprehensive coverage to the inclusion of passengers.

Accessible: HDFC Ergo is an extensive private insurance company. As a result, the products are priced at very low rates. HDFC Ergo has one of the lowest motor insurance rates in the world and it makes buying the motorcycle insurance cover very affordable to you.

2. National Insurance Two Wheeler Insurance Company

As one of the oldest and most popular two-wheeler insurance providers of the country, National Insurance stands out in the crowd. It is known for its good service and ethical working principles. Here are some reasons why you could consider National Insurance as your motor insurance provider:-

Old and reputed – National Insurance Company has been one of the oldest and most reputed general insurance companies in India. The two-wheeler insurance policy on offer has some very good features. If you buy this cover you are assured of finding an ideal bike insurance plan at a very good price as well.

High claim record – The insurance company has a high claim settlement ratio. This is always an advantage to have, as then you will also know that your insurance claim will be settled when you have a requirement.

3. ICICI Lombard Two Wheeler Insurance Company

Next, on the list, we have ICICI Lombard. The two-wheeler insurance plan from ICICI Lombard has many helpful features. The company is also modern and efficient. Here are some of the benefits they have for you:-

Digitally advanced – As stated, ICICI is a very modern insurer. This is precisely why the mobile app of ICICI Lombard is very efficient and digitally advanced. From buying your two-wheeler vehicle insurance plan to paying the insurance premium to renew the insurance coverage to raise a claim, you can do it all on the app with no issues whatsoever.

Excellent customer support – Keeping with its reputation of being modern and professional, ICICI Lombard has an excellent customer support system in place. You can call at any time and get your doubts cleared instantly.