Get revenge and take back what's rightfully yours—let's start by getting rich!

Name Perfect Avenger Perfect Avenger is the most famous version in the Perfect Avenger series of publisher Kingboat
Publisher Kingboat
Genre Casual
Version 1.5.5
Update June 5, 2023
MOD Unlimited money

  • Unlimited money

What would you do if everything was suddenly taken—no, STOLEN from you?
Your money. Your family's business. Your father's life. Even your girlfriend? Gone.
All taken away by a despicible man you used to call "boss".

It's time for revenge!

Join in on this exciting interactive journey of a fellow who seeks to avenge his father's death and claim back everything that was once his. His ultimate mission? To bring down the boss who took everything. How? By building something greater and getting ridiculously rich—way richer than the evil boss!

Build and manage a mega-luxurious hotel that has everything…spas, shops, restaurants, markets, nightlife, and much more! You may need to start small at first…but, with your effort and management skills—watch your businesses grow and shoot through the roof!

Remember: the more amenities and businesses you're able to open at your hotel, the more visitors you'll have…which means—money…lots of MONEY! Continue upgrading in order to keep your visitors happy and coming back for more.

It won't be long before your boss meets his match and pays for his awful sins!

Bug fixes and performance improvements

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