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NetCut Pro – powerful software for managing and controlling the access of Internet-connected users, provided by Using this program requires the Android device to be rooted. This program detects all the devices that are connected to a WiFi modem and with just one click you can cut off that device’s access to the Internet 100%.

Features of NetCut Pro Android app :

– Identify all network users in WIFI, even when your phone does not have a valid IP address or is not granted WiFi internet access. NetCut can work as long as you are connected to any WiFi.
– Set up and off for each network user, including mobile / Xbox, softphone, PS3, PS4, etc.
– Ability to disconnect the network between two network users on the LAN, by setting one user as “gateways”, then disconnect the other user, After that none of them can talk to each other, like apple TV, Google TV, xiaomi box
– Internal Netcut Defender (turn on and off with one click)
– Scan the network when you feel users are still on the network Have and you can not see them.
– Check the type of phone, Netcut is able to display the list of phones.
– Ability to assign a name to each user
– Detect the attacker, if anyone tries to cheat and cheat you can see it in the program.
– And …

Pro version features :
– No ads
– No mandatory updates

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