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Little Big Workshop 1.0.13 (Unlimited Money)

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Name Little Big Workshop Little Big Workshop is the most famous version in the Little Big Workshop series of publisher HandyGames
Publisher HandyGames
Genre Paid
Size 228 MB
Version 1.0.13
Update Jul 25, 2023
MOD Unlimited Money
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MOD APK version of Little Big Workshop

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money increases when you spend.

Little Big Workshop takes the imagination away, but at the same time pulls players closer to highly realistic problems. You will have a growing workshop with all the tools and equipment to make and produce by hand everything in the world right in your living room.

Introduce Little Big Workshop

The management simulation game will surprise you with its monumental meticulousness!

Artistic and elaborate images

When you are too familiar with the simulation games of pixel management or 3D on the screen, with the character galloping in a top-down perspective, when playing Little Big Workshop, you will be surprised. If you want to know the reason, read the article below!

When you enter the game, generous frames appear with clear, condensed colors. The characters are big, clear, easy to see, each with their own characteristics. Obviously 2D design but the layer is so good that it looks like 3D. You can touch each table, the saw next to the door. The colors also blend very well. Hundreds of activities will take place in this world of workshops, but still very neat, smooth, and clear one by one.

Moving the character is also what makes me pause for a moment. If you think that investing in everything is like that, then it’s okay to move a little slower. But Little Big Workshop maintains a steady pace from start to finish, at a moderate level. Neither slow nor too fast, it’s enough for you to see each crafting activity taking place in each section of the workshop. The visuals of a management simulation game on mobile, for me, are so satisfying.

The ideal workshop is only in the imagination

It is only in real imagination because how can you think of building a wide and spacious workshop right in your living room. This is what happened in Little Big Workshop.

In Little Big Workshop, you will be the owner of a super giant workshop. It is divided into many small squares, about ten to several tens of square meters. Each box has craftsmen working, diligently making each specific product according to its function.

The business later is so good that you keep expanding the workshop, out to dozens, hundreds of specialized working cells. Wherever it expands, revenue rushes to it. Soon, you have become a workshop boss in the city, the leader of the trend of opening craft workshops at home.

Start humbly, wait patiently for success

Initially, there were only one or two basic boxes, making some basic items such as rubber toys and driverless car toys. After you have your first hand crafted products, you start launching them into the market. And then your product is well received by the market, earning cash worth the effort.

With money in hand, you continue to rotate, divide the money into many parts. Part of the money, you can buy more materials to produce expensive items and new items. The rest can be used to invest in tools, equipment and hire more workers.

If you balance these factors well, and have a specific long-term development direction, you can turn your Workshop into the most successful home workshop in the country.

Select products based on strategic vision

Not all handmade products yield a satisfactory profit. There are things that require a lot of work (such as manufacturing drones), the profits are high, but the payback time and profits are super slow.

There are also low-margin items, but can be produced quickly with a large number of shipments. If you work hard, you can make a profit, use the plural to make up for the low profit. The other items are average, both in terms of profit and time of capital gain. But they require quite expensive materials, have to move from far away.

There are countless such dilemmas continuously occurring in the workshop. As an owner and manager, you must carefully look at actual cash flow, future cash flow and your factory expansion plans to make decisions. Every decision made has an impact on the future development and growth potential of the Workshop.

Production line design

All workers in Little Big Workshop, after being hired and assigned tasks, will automatically do their job diligently. But you, as a manager, will have to do a good job of designing the right production line from scratch. The steps in the whole process of producing an item at a workshop can only be done well when you carefully calculate the number of operations, design the machinery properly, place it in the right place, and use a sufficient number of people.

In each small workshop, you will have to spend time doing this step well from the beginning. Then, when everything is in order, it can be managed at a macro level so that the details work on their own. Of course, if the design of the production line is not good, there will be dozens of problems arising, seriously affecting the quality and quantity of the products being made. In the end, it also affects the overall revenue of the factory.

Plan to hire workers and manage human resources properly

To ensure the increasing market demand for key products, in addition to investing in more machines and expanding workshops, you also have to hire more craftsmen. Balance the budget to see how much more rent is enough, and in line with the development process of the workshop. And when you put them on the job, what salary and benefits will you give them to make sure they work together happily.

If you have a scientific calculation and good management, you have succeeded in half of your journey to becoming a talented Workshop manager.

MOD APK version of Little Big Workshop

MOD feature

Unlimited Money


Money increases when you spend.

Download Little Big Workshop APK & MOD for Android

Little Big Workshop is beautiful, worth playing, simulation is very realistic and vivid. Play to see how beautiful, meticulous and charming mobile simulation games can be.

- Added official controller support- Fixed many instances of stuck workers (if it still happens saving and loading might solve such situations)- Many other small fixes and improvements

Download ( 228 MB )

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Little Big Workshop 1.0.13 (Unlimited Money)
Little Big Workshop 1.0.13 (Unlimited Money) 1.0.13 MOD
August 10, 2023 228 MB

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Unlimited Money

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