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One of the biggest issues that is always discussed in different operating systems is the ability to install multiple applications at a time; Load on your smart device and keep an account active in each of them. Fortunately for this problem, there are several solutions to the Android operating system, one of the most popular being the cloning of apps, and dozens of different applications have been introduced in the field, and today we intend to Here's another one of his best. Dual Space - Multiple Accounts & Parallel APP Pro UnlockedThe title is a perfect app for cloning apps (copying apps and having a separate version) in a fully professional way developed by Qilu Tech for Android and released at Google Play Marketplace. This software allows users to install a program on their device multiple times and use multiple accounts at the same time. Unlike many similar apps with very complex environments, Dual Spaces has a very simple environment and anyone can solve their cloning needs in a very short period of time. Get the most out of the fast switch system and manage your accounts without any shortcomings.