Brothers in Arms 3

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Brothers in Arms 3 is an internationally acclaimed shooting action game with spectacular killcams and an amazing number of amazing experimental weapons. Guide your trained teammates to the front line and use your special abilities in the heat of the game. Upgrade your weapons, improve the skills of your soldiers and fight the enemy army!

Unique group-based combat experience
> Use your brothers’ arsenal to gain a tactical advantage!
Use your various abilities: airstrike, Molotov cocktail, rocket blast, mortar, and much more.
> Unlock new allies. Upgrade them to stuffed soldiers with more abilities

Immerse yourself in the exciting shooting gameplay
> A variety of missions such as attack, sniper, siege and stealth
> Free third-person shooter shooting action
> Effective killcam zooms on enemy soldiers

Choose your favorite weapon
> Unlock new weapons and turn them into the ultimate arsenal with various upgrades
> Discover the changing power of experimental weapons and defeat the entire army!
Destroy revenge with your abilities

Enjoy eye-catching visual effects
> Stunning indoor and outdoor settings
> Climate change and daytime
> Console-like graphics for an AAA game

Great Rewards for Winning Special Events
> Ladder Challenge with Gradually Difficult Missions for Better Rewards
> Limited-Time Events

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